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      The KentuckyRose Photography & Studio Company.

We are a Full service Portrait Studio & Event Photography Company.

 I was Born in Kentucky and will always live here,

I have been studying Photography starting in 2003 and I still am studying everyday,

 Photography is changing each day and I have to keep up with it.. 

But family safety is the utmost importance to us.   

**Here is some very important information about us! 

 Our Portrait Studio takes Family's safety very seriously, with that being said "We will never place a Child's/Children's, image/images (PORTRAITs)" on the Internet, 

 We are the first Photography Company to start doing this !!! 

We go out of our way to provide 

a safe website for you & your visitors.. 

We feel that it's up to the parents.

(It's their rights as Parents, not ours.) 

To decide what if any sites where their child/children or infant images will be shown on. 

You are in control of the who the visitors are.

You control it all...Great for grandparents!

We will never place any Portraits/Images of Children/Babies on the Internet,

(Public Event/Events, we will have too.

Due to the type of event/s where it's impossible not to. 

(like a public children's event, somewhere like a zoo.)

 But not our Personal Clients shoots. 

They are your children we will never use them to ADVERTISE OUR Company!!

We will hire Models to show our great photography skills.

 but not children under the age of 18,

We are that good! You deserve the best, us!

Because we give you our best!

Welcome!  Grab your seat and your favorite drink, enjoy reading about us.

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louisville,Ky Derby City Brew fest

A Fair in Kentucky Mud Racing!

Demolition Derby's

Natural Lighting,No Reflectors, No Lights
Trail Lights Makes great Wall Images
Tough Mudders

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