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The KentuckyRose Photography & Studio Company..,LLC© †

We are a Full service Portrait Studio & Event Photography Company.

I was Born in Kentucky and will always live here,

I have been studying Photography starting in 2003 and I still studying everyday, Photography is changing each day and I have to keep up with it..

But family safety is the utmost importance to us.

Here is some very important information about us!

Our Portrait Studio takes Family's safety very seriously,with  that being said "We will never place a Child's/Children's, image/images (PORTRAITs)" on the Internet, Its up to you the Parents to pick when and where you child or children images are seen.  

Specialty Shoots

  1.  VIP Pampered packages,
  2. Engagement special surprize Photographer package.
  3. Prom VIP only 1 per school (Book Now) Feel like the King and Queen of the prom)
  4. EVENTS -Live Music- Company Picnics & Parties Private & Business we shoot them all. 
  6. Hospital package for NewBorns & Mom
  7. Too many to list here
  8. But If you do it we shoot it, We will travel with you to get your shot.
  9. We shoot in studio , Outdoors, On Trips, Concerts, Festivals, Fairs, Races, Business parties etc, Pets ,   

 * We have a shoe Box special Email us your images and we will have your image processed into whatever form of print / canvas/glass/that you would like plain prints or into a canvas, your Print on wood, metal, glass, whatever kind of media print that you would like your image to be shown on..

 **Also through your email we do our shoebox restoration restoring any image we can increase the size return it back to as close as original as possible we can also change the background to a beautiful portrait if you have it image that's outdated or no longer pleasing we can change the background to make it into an updated version ... and so much more..

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louisville,Ky Derby City Brew fest

A Fair in Kentucky Mud Racing!

Demolition Derby's

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Natural Lighting,No Reflectors, No Lights
Trail Lights Makes great Wall Images
Tough Mudders

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