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A List of Just a few Events We Have Covered 

just a few, Last Year we shot 21 concerts, 28 Festivals, 5 Fairs,10 Business awards, 15 pet events to name a few.


1. The Derby City Brew Fest In Louisville Ky.

2. Abby On The River 5 Day Music Fest Louisville Ky

3. Thoroughbred for adoption in Lexington Ky  

4. Master Musician Festival 

5 Cruisin the Heartland  6. Thunder into Elizabethtown.

7.Tough Mudder's In Kentucky  8.Chris Young

9. Jacy Dawn  10. Bubble runs 11. Color runs 

12.Thunder inTo Elizabethtown 13. K9 units & Police offices

14. Fiddle Festivals, Our List goes on and on. 

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