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until the end of time. Any Photographs shot by a photographer, person in training under the company/company's name are the Company owns the copyright to said image/images by us (the company The KentuckyRose) and will hold the copyright/copyrights of there's photographs  The KentuckyRose  owns all the Pictures rights to /Portraits/Images/Movies/All art forms named or Not Named,of Photography/Photographs also any items with or without a company logo, company name, likeness.of or Photographer's Name and no one may copy, sale, use, reproduce or alter, post, profit from,Share, edit, No one may add to or remove from any works of photography Photograph, art forms, Portraits/movies/video, any form of art/Print of/ or Photography /photographs/ Images/Video/Drawings/Prints/ remove/copy/etc of said company,Without full written/dated/and approved in the court of law in the state that The Company Known as The KentuckyRose Photography & Studio Company.,LLC refer as The KentuckyRose from this point now on Lives, by Consent of The Kentucky Rose Photography & Studio  Company.,LLC © / Studio, & Margaret C  Felix.. in the state where the Company operates in. or has operated in.
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